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About Us

Welcome to April Love Florist, a beloved establishment that has been gracing the floral landscape of Durban, South Africa since 1984. As a cherished small family-owned florist, we take pride in infusing each arrangement with a touch of heartfelt creativity and personalized attention. Whether you’re celebrating a joyous occasion or conveying a heartfelt sentiment, our dedicated team ensures that every bouquet reflects the beauty and individuality of the moment. Discover the magic of our floral creations as we invite you to experience the essence of April Love Florist.

April Love Florist and Imbali World Florist are essentially one and the same. Despite having different names, they operate under the same entity or ownership, offering floral services and products. It’s akin to having two different storefronts for the same business, perhaps catering to different clientele or markets but ultimately sharing the same resources, staff, and overall business infrastructure. Therefore, whether you refer to them as April Love Florist or Imbali World Florist, you’re essentially referring to the same floral service provider.